Very interesting. It’s almost like taking newspaper clippings and making a chart out of them. It’s to see that there’s another website where teachers can communicate more than what they can on other websites. I didn’t even realize how many teachers were connected and shared so many articles, pictures, tips, ideas, etc. But that’s the kind of use scoop-it should have. We as teachers should help each other out come up with creative ideas to incorporate games and such into lessons. One thing I would do like to see though is being able to post questions about how to handle students, what they could have done differently, and advice on lesson plans either with posters, pictures, etc. We need to get the students involved with the website too. The teachers are always posting something for students, so we could have the students follow teachers while the teachers post games, articles (for homework), etc. so that they can get engaged in learning.


NCS Tech Insights

July 16, 2012

Just like any other teaching website/blog, NCS tech provided resources for teacher use to in their classrooms. The inspirational  videos were good though. There were some that I recognized and some I have never seen before. I like the obvious to me but not to others video. I connected with that because that’s how I feel sometimes. People would think of these amazing ideas that I would have never even thought of and think that I would never be a genious like them. But then some ideas would seem obvious only to us and not some other people. I could use that to teach students that when people think of good ideas that you would have never thought of doesn’t make you stupid. He has some books that could help teachers incorporate technology (mainly the internet) into their classroom. He gives out lesson summaries which is basically a self reflection. It can help not only him, but other teachers think what they could have done differently or how to make the lesson better next time. Great blog.

This slide here caught my eye because I never knew that they had a website where you could record your own music and mix it up to however you want it to sound.  It’s pretty epic.  I could use myna to record music and have a music lesson to teach the students to count the beats and count the tempo and measure. We could even use it to teach how to use technology, obviously. So, if you’re looking for something that can teach students about making music, this is the place.


Yes, isn’t this website ever so “lovely”. It’s a website where people can make more advanced diagrams making it their own. In the past, I had trouble making a timeline because I couldn’t put any creativity into it. But now that I know about lovely charts, I can make my timelines and diagrams more colorful and arrange it anyway I want. I can make timelines for history, diagrams for math, or clusters to make a group. It’s the best diagram website I have ever seen.


Kids love animation and sometimes even want to draw them. As teachers, we’re always trying to find ways so that students get a chance to be creative. We even try to get creative with our lessons, but get stuck sometimes. Well, this website certainly has answered that call. Doink is an animation website where people can create their own animated pictures. This could be used for art class. The students would have a fun animation day and learn how to draw and bring their pictures to life. It would also teach them how animators use computers when making movies. I would give them a movie making day. It will get the students engaged in learning.


There will always be students who love reading comic books or graphic novels. But this website, Comic Master, allows people to create their own graphic novel(s). They just have to put in grids to so that they can put in the background, words, characters, etc. This would be a great tool for students because it will teach them how to organize their stories giving them a beginning, middle, and end, and also organize their thoughts  of how they want to tell the story. It also gives them a chance to be creative while teaching them how tell stories. They could  use it as a journal as well if they’re not too keen on writing. It would give them a way to express themselves and their feelings.


Tagul is almost like wordle except that tangul has more options in shapes and colors. Just type in your words (however many), pick the shape and colors, and apply. This could be used as an icebreaker on the first day of school. The teacher can have the students use computers and direct them to the website. I would just tell them to put in the words that describe their lives (family, friends, etc.) and themselves as people. This would give them a chance to be creative, learn how to use a computer, and open to everyone in the classroom. The teacher could also make an educational poster to print off and hang up on the wall for inspiration. There’s an endless list of possibilities that teachers could do with tagul.

Wow! That Cool Cat Teacher is pretty awesome. She is an inspiration for all teachers. Her blogs talk about how we should using technology. She shares some basic teaching tips with the use of media (such as a poster for rules on pinterest, a video on sharing from youtube, etc.) which I didn’t think about doing. For one, I would get to be creative, and two, I wouldn’t have to waste time making posters (which is still creative but time consuming). The main thing she really cares about though is importance of teaching children all over the world through the use of technology. It amazes me that she has big name organizations (Flat Classroom Project where students push down the “walls” and merge into one, big class instead of classes being isolated, for example). Not to mention the awards she’s won. She really is an inspiration to us all. Makes me want to better teach my students and bring everyone together.

So, I did a Google Docs presentation, and I have to say that I think it looks pretty good. This was just to help out all my other fellow English concentrators. Hope these resources help 🙂

So, I got work with Google Docs using a word document, and let me tell, it is so much better than using Microsoft Word. Of course, in my case, my computer won’t take Microsoft Word right now is this a nice alternative. But anyway, I made two resources from Google Docs that I’m to share with you all today. Here’s a  link to see my other classmates resources.

I know I said this before, but George Lucas supporting education is one of the coolest things I have ever seen or heard. I mean, this is the guy that made Star Wars for crying out loud (and no, I’m not a big fan of the movie series). But anyway, this website is every teachers’ dream. It’s a place where not only teachers, but parents as well can go and communicate with other parents and teachers. It gives out resources, blogs, advice, core strategies skills, etc. One of the awesome things that caught me off guard was that the all the grad levels were included, not just elementary. I thought that was great because Middle and High school students could use all the help they need. But anyway, one interesting I found on that website was they had a list of blogs for everyone to look at which I thought was a great idea since they can look at ideas, get their questions answered on what to do in a classroom, lesson, or teach the students. For the core strategies, I like how that not only are they learning objectives for students, but they are also teachers to help them teach students and to become a better teacher. I like the teacher development part because it tells the truth about how teachers, parents, and administrators are to help their students learn, build confidence in their learning, etc. The other cool part is that with the videos, it’s almost like youtube, only for teachers. There many different kinds of videos ranging from teaching tips to interview videos with teachers. They even had books that teachers can look up if they need help improving their classrooms, lessons, or teaching styles. Overall, all these things could help me as a future educator because I know starting out, I won’t know what I’m doing, how I’m doing, or if I’m doing something right. With the help of, I can ask other teachers for advice and strategies on how to teach certain students, what materials to use, etc. I can probably write my own blog on there posting my experiences, questions that I hope other people can answer, and my own advices on what to do in a classroom. I can watch the videos to learn some learning strategies for the classroom, how to keep students engaged, etc. Sometimes, I don’t like to read books online because they take so much time, but I would make an exception to the list of books they have online to achieve a positive learning environment. I would recommend this website to all teachers if they’re looking for help. George Lucas, thank you for caring for all students and their education.