NCS Tech Insights

July 16, 2012

Just like any other teaching website/blog, NCS tech provided resources for teacher use to in their classrooms. The inspirational  videos were good though. There were some that I recognized and some I have never seen before. I like the obvious to me but not to others video. I connected with that because that’s how I feel sometimes. People would think of these amazing ideas that I would have never even thought of and think that I would never be a genious like them. But then some ideas would seem obvious only to us and not some other people. I could use that to teach students that when people think of good ideas that you would have never thought of doesn’t make you stupid. He has some books that could help teachers incorporate technology (mainly the internet) into their classroom. He gives out lesson summaries which is basically a self reflection. It can help not only him, but other teachers think what they could have done differently or how to make the lesson better next time. Great blog.


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