Langwitches Blog Insights

July 16, 2012

Apparently, this is a blog where people from the US, Switzerland, Czech Republic, and Thailand all teamed up together to create a blog. I didn’t even know they could do that. Well, the did anyway. Now, they’re not together anymore. But anyway, they did an action research to see if blogging could improve students’ writing skill, motivate students, etc. It actually worked. Students were motivated and their writing skills improved tremendously in just a mere four weeks. Four weeks! Usually, it would have taken at a whole semester or two just to get them to that level. Well done, guys. They have about the same resources that most teachers would share. Still, it helps if someone is stuck. I actually saw “the Seven Degree of Connectedness”. I guess teacher have a lot more in common than  I thought. Very nice website overall. I think there should be more blogs where people from all over the world because we may be different people, but we have the same goals for our students: to help learn and grow.


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