Week 4: The Edutopia website

July 15, 2012

I know I said this before, but George Lucas supporting education is one of the coolest things I have ever seen or heard. I mean, this is the guy that made Star Wars for crying out loud (and no, I’m not a big fan of the movie series). But anyway, this website is every teachers’ dream. It’s a place where not only teachers, but parents as well can go and communicate with other parents and teachers. It gives out resources, blogs, advice, core strategies skills, etc. One of the awesome things that caught me off guard was that the all the grad levels were included, not just elementary. I thought that was great because Middle and High school students could use all the help they need. But anyway, one interesting I found on that website was they had a list of blogs for everyone to look at which I thought was a great idea since they can look at ideas, get their questions answered on what to do in a classroom, lesson, or teach the students. For the core strategies, I like how that not only are they learning objectives for students, but they are also teachers to help them teach students and to become a better teacher. I like the teacher development part because it tells the truth about how teachers, parents, and administrators are to help their students learn, build confidence in their learning, etc. The other cool part is that with the videos, it’s almost like youtube, only for teachers. There many different kinds of videos ranging from teaching tips to interview videos with teachers. They even had books that teachers can look up if they need help improving their classrooms, lessons, or teaching styles. Overall, all these things could help me as a future educator because I know starting out, I won’t know what I’m doing, how I’m doing, or if I’m doing something right. With the help of edutopia.com, I can ask other teachers for advice and strategies on how to teach certain students, what materials to use, etc. I can probably write my own blog on there posting my experiences, questions that I hope other people can answer, and my own advices on what to do in a classroom. I can watch the videos to learn some learning strategies for the classroom, how to keep students engaged, etc. Sometimes, I don’t like to read books online because they take so much time, but I would make an exception to the list of books they have online to achieve a positive learning environment. I would recommend this website to all teachers if they’re looking for help. George Lucas, thank you for caring for all students and their education.


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