Week 4: The Clever Sheep by Rodd Luicier

July 15, 2012

Rodd Luicier is definitely the kind of teacher I would enjoy talking to since he’s not afraid to socialize with people. But that’s not why we’re here today. We’re here because of his new idea known as “The Seven Degrees of Connectedness” which helps people understand what kinds of relationships educators have their online colleagues. Obviously, there are seven levels of how connected one is with their colleagues. There’s Lurker (practically shy), Novice (curiosity), Insider (coming out of the shell), Colleague (loves groups), Collaborator (planner), Friend (caring and likable), and Confident (social butterfly).  As I was reading about these degrees, I was looking at myself wondering which one was more me. I think I’m more of the Lurker  just because l I’m shy sometimes when it comes to internet. For example, I don’t write much status updates on twitter or facebook because I don’t have much to say and not too many people try  to talk to me. I don’t think they even care about me sometimes. The only time I actually talk to my colleagues is if I have questions for my professors in certain classes or I have homework to turn in. Even on a computer, I’m practically invisible. But those seven degrees also showed me that I can move up if I communicated with my colleagues more by joining in on an important conversation, speaking up more, put out more ideas even if they probably won’t like them, etc. The infograph is great because I can just look over at what to say or do at each level of degree as a helping guide to have a better relationship with my colleagues more online. The colors are a little bland, but that’s just my opinion. I can put that in my future office as a tool and an inspiration. So by the looks of it, it seems that having these seven degrees are vital to help educators get ideas on what to teach in the classroom, what materials to use, advice, etc. I would recommend “The Seven Degrees of Connectedness” to everyone because it will help learn to have a better relationship with their colleagues and not be afraid to step up.


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