Digital Footprints

June 10, 2012

So I watched the list of videos about digital footprints, and let me tell you, I’m a little scared. It got me thinking, “Do I have anything on my Facebook page that would be objectionable?”, have people for whom I applied for looked at my Facebook profile?”, etc. I kind of knew about things like this, but I didn’t realize how scary it was. When I first started putting things up for this class (profile pics, words for my wordle stuff, etc.), I thought of how my educator would judge me because I don’t want this educator or any other educator think bad of me and possibly not hire me. I’ll be honest though, sometimes I wonder why some employees should judge people on their pics, posts, etc. To me, it seems a little judgmental and in a way hypocritical of them since they might have pics of them drinking, videos of them doing something stupid, etc. But that’s world we live in, so I’m just going to have to do my best on posting appropriate things. What I can do to have a positive “digital footprint” is look through my pics on Facebook and delete the ones that could send a  bad message and be more aware of what I’m posting. Whenever people post things, they need to post what they do for a living, volunteer work, what they have done in the past, what kind of hobbies they like to do, their lesson plans their grades, etc. By posting these things, 1. the parents will be able to see how their child is doing in school and bring concerns to the teacher, 2. show how relatable you are to not only parents but to students as well, and 3. be a great resume when the school board is wanting to hire you. Oh and for pictures, please make sure that they’re appropriate. At most, just a profile pic of your face would suffice.

Another thing I did was search myself on the web and here are some interesting things that I found on myself:



I’m quite happy that actual pictures of me aren’t on google, but I was surprised to see that most of the pictures here are of Lucy Nolan, who is apparently a news person, and all because we have somewhat similar names. Some other pictures on there (which are not shown) are of Lucille Ball from I Love Lucy (which really wasn’t a big surprise for me). These findings are pretty interesting from just googling my name.

Here are a couple of resources about digital footprints:

I think this will be a good video for everyone to watch because they need to know the dangers of leaving a digital footprint such as someone hacking into your computer for example. Fortunately, they also tell you how to protect yourself. Just watch the video, and you’ll be wanting to protect not only yourself, but kids as well.

This video points out tips on what to post, what not to post, etc. I think it would be beneficial for everyone (parents, kids, teens, employees, etc.) because they need to understand the consequences of what they post.

The moral of the story: be careful on what you post because it could haunt you for the rest of your life


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