Video in the Classroom

June 2, 2012

Before I saw the videos, I always thought that I wouldn’t use technology as much in the classroom. I would use a couple of things with technology like computers and overhead projectors. But after watching the videos, I realized how important it is to use technology of all kinds in my classroom because we’re in the digital age. Everybody is using laptops, cell phones, iPads, etc. We’re practically getting to the point where even elementary aged kids have cell phones (which I do not agree with, but that’s just me). Anyway, all three videos had the same message that said teachers should learn how to technology. The first two videos definitely agreed on that teachers shouldn’t be against technology so much. Times are changing and so are the kids. We as teachers should be able to adapt to the new changes that are going on right now. The one thing that upsets me in the first video was with the little girl who’s dad was in the army. He wasn’t able to come to show and tell, but he was willing to still talk to the class via skype. Unfortunately, the teacher wouldn’t let her. I was outraged by that. Her dad was willing to still be a part of her life even though he was far away, and the teacher just told her no. That’s not right. So what if the teacher doesn’t like technology. It was a good was way to teach the class about his job. That made me look at myself and think, “Do I want to be one of those teachers that’s against technology?” I was always so negative against technology since I’m not really good at it, but after seeing this, I want to learn how to use technology and bring into my classroom. Another thing that surprised me was the high percentage of teachers who don’t use technology at all (75% and 63%?!). The only difference I saw between the videos was that second video made it look like the donation commercials that we see on TV making it look like that the kids would suffer. I understand that in a way yes they will suffer education wise, but it will not be the end of the world as we know it. The first video was the opposite of it. Yes, it showed how important it is for teachers to learn to use technology, but it didn’t make it all sad. The way I would use technology for the classroom would be to get iPads for everyone that has the text books they need on it. They would be able to follow along what I’m teaching whether it be history, science, etc. I would also let them use technology for projects (cameras for photography projects, computers for science, etc.). There is much I could do with technology.


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