Week 1: Technology Bits, Bytes, and Nibbles

June 1, 2012

There were two things that really caught my eye. I never heard the term “mac haters” before. I’m a PC user, and I don’t bash on Mac. I would get it if I could. I personally don’t understand why anyone would hate Mac that much. It’s more resourceful, it’s not as limited as what PC is, faster, etc. I have used Mac before (at Hale Library), and I really like it. Another thing that really surprised me was the article on George Lucas. I never knew that he was a huge supporter of education and how much he has in common with all the teachers who want a better classroom material and environment. I think that is pretty cool. I already knew that we would have to teach our students how to use computers. What I didn’t realize is that they could make books if they wanted to. I love that because I see it as keeping the students engaged and excited about learning. Plus they get to be creative which is a huge aspect of it. Grant it, I’m not tech savvy. But I would be willing to give something like this a chance. Let’s just hope that I don’t mess up


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