Reflection Week 2: Moving at the Speed of Creativity

June 1, 2012

The blog(s) I looked at were pretty good. I loved how you can be creative on just about anything from iPads to youtube videos. I read one article on how Wesley Fryer helped one of his elementary students use an iPad to download an eBook for her to read as an example of what a great program it can be. My main concern though is what if a student doesn’t have an iPad to use because he/she can’t afford it. Some parents may be able to buy their kids new iPads but others can’t because they don’t have that kind of money. iPads are very expensive these days. Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of giving my students an iPad since they would have more variety of books to read than what we would have in our school library. It’s just that it’s not accessible to everyone. Is there another way for students to be able to read  eBooks somewhere else other than iPads? But anyway, what really caught my eye on the website was that there was a media camp. I didn’t even know those kinds of things existed. Even though the prices are a little much, I would definitely do it just because it would help better understand how to use iPads and possibly maybe even other technology. I will definitely need it in the future whenever I become a teacher. One thing I do agree with in one of his blogs is how students want more tech classes. To be honest, I would love our university to have more tech classes maybe one as a requirement. It would be a great benefit for people who aren’t really all that tech savvy (like myself). If we can get more professors with digital literacy to teach those classes, we would be able to help students understand how to use technology better. Who’s with me?


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